Library Policies

Your signature on your Application for Membership represents that you have read these policies and that you agree to adhere to them.

  1. The library has limited hours for Non-member access 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. Tuesday through Thursday. If a Non-Member has a restricted schedule that requires special consideration, call Ralph Specht - 307-237-7891.
  2. Monthly members are entitled to access and use on an unlimited basis of all systems and services provided by the CLL. Monthly membership fees plus additional charges incurred are invoiced to member on a monthly basis and is payable with check or cash.
  3. The Library is also open to the general public at a day rate of $80.00 or an hourly rate of $30.00 with a two hour minimum. These charges plus any copy charges incurred will be billed and paid for at the time the Library is used. Accounts for non-members will be established only at the discretion of the Library Managers or Librarian Mike Borgerding.
  4. Copy charges for members and non-members will be: (These charges are subject to change without notice).
    • Xerox: 0.20/page (single sided) 0.25 page (doubled sided)
    • Fiche: 0.65/page
    Other prints or downloading are per specific items. User will pay for all prints made unless a poor print is made as a result of machine malfunction.
  5. Library databases and publications are property of the CLL and must not be removed from the premises except in the case of log-check out. Log-check out is covered in policy #6. Members may check out some publications, again at the discretion of the Manager. Please ask if the publication you request qualifies.
  6. Hard copy log checkout is available to members only. Individual members/ member companies may check out log packets on up to 200 wells and keep those packets for two (2) months. However, after five working days any or all of the packets may be recalled. Log packets not returned within three days after the check-in return date or recall date will be charged to the member at a rate of $1.00 per well per each overdue day until log packets are returned. Corporate members may check out log packets on wells for each designated user. However, under no circumstances will any member, corporation or individual be allowed more than a total of 200 log packets per check out period. All other stipulations are the same.
  7. Members may pull their own log packets for checkout and recording but must check them in with the Librarian. Should membership be held by a company or individual outside the CLL area please check with the Manager or Librarian regarding exceptions to this policy.
  8. Should a library member or user have trouble with the information systems or the equipment, PLEASE ask for assistance from the Manager or Librarian.
  9. Should a particular piece of data be missing from any of the databases, please bring it to the attention of the Managers or Librarian. We may have another source for the piece of data.
  10. Invoicing will be done at each month's end and payment will be due upon receipt of the invoice. Membership cancellation is automatic for any-60-day overdue account unless arrangements for payment are made. Past-due payments accrue interest at 15%/mo.
  11. Membership transfers are not allowed, and if you desire to cancel your membership, it requires a 30-day written notice to the Librarian. Name changes are not considered transfers.