About Us

The Casper Log Library is a non-profit geological information center and is maintained to serve the professional needs of a variety of technical disciplines. As an archival data center we offer many data sources that are no longer available elsewhere and intentionally do not duplicate well data more recent than 2005 which is available on-site and/or on-line from the Wyoming Oil and Gas Conservation Commission. Your membership in the Library entitles you access to our extensive repository of hardcopy information. We welcome your input regarding improvements for the services we offer.

An environment of confidentiality and respect for the privacy of all members and users is strongly promoted during daily use and through library data retrieval and checkout procedures.

We are continually consolidating, cataloging and reviewing existing information as well as donated materials. Our goal is to provide the best service possible within a lean operational budget. Donations of materials as well as financial contributions are welcomed in order to support and grow our library. Thanks to all who have and continue to support this important resource for the geologic discipline and energy business in Wyoming.

Ralph Specht
Manager Casper Log Library